THE DUCK BUT IT SWITCHES SIDES - F.C.20 Bis in War Thunder feat. Pizza Box - OddBawZ

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The Celere Sahariano (Yes, I know it means Desert Cheetah) and the F.C.20 Bis go together like Cheese and Tomato on dough.

The Celere Sahariano now known as the pizza box is a really strange Italian Medium Tank for Italy. This flat Italian tank is pretty speedy but suffers from poor turret traverse and a lack of any meaningful armour. It's advantages from survivability are that the crew are so spread out inside the tank it's honestly pretty difficult to one shot.

The F.C.20 Bis on the other hand is great fun. This Italian Attacker has a 37mm cannon with plenty of ammo and can fire 2 rounds a second meaning that no tank on the ground is safe at 2.3!

The FC 20 Bis is basically the Italian Duck but at a much MUCH lower BR. It's got 2 offensive machineguns and from what I've played, it's pretty survivable too! This Italian FC20 Bis is a lot of fun and you should definitely give it a shot!

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